Book etios self drive cars in Chandigarh, enting a self-drive Etios car in Chandigarh is a convenient and straightforward way to travel for outstation trips or weekend getaways. Nowadays, car rentals are a popular choice for many people compared to taxis or public transportation. Self-drive Etios car rentals are especially popular in major cities like Chandigarh.

When you’re planning a long trip or exploring a new location, renting a vehicle is a practical option to consider. HPCAB offers a range of self-drive Etios car rental agencies, and one of the well-established and licensed companies is Katyal Taxl Service. They provide a variety of car models and types to cater to your needs. etios self drive cars in Chandigarh

etios self drive cars in Chandigarh

Having a reliable pickup is essential for driving on Indian roads, and the self-drive Etios car offers just that. Whether you’re navigating hilly terrain or driving within Chandigarh or its outskirts, the self-drive Etios car provides a comfortable and dependable driving experience, ensuring you don’t tire easily. It’s a great choice for both city and long-distance drives.

Etios Self-Drive Car Rental Other Charges

Extra km Charge Above Free kms: 12 INR / Km.
Extra Hour Charges: 500 INR / Hour
Security Deposit: 10000 INR. (Your security deposit is refunded after the completion of the trip.)
Toll Tax / Fastag , State Tax , Challans if Any
Vehicle pickup and drop charges will be extra, and We will provide the exact amount on inquiry