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About Joginder nagar

The original name of Joginder nagar was  Sukrahatti. Jogindernagar was named after the Mandi king Raja Joginder Sen and it is a municipality in district Mandi.

In the central Joginder Nagar Valley, the region is known for paragliding and trekking, mountain biking and camping.

Location- The distance from Chandigarh is 260 km, Delhi is 527 km ,Shimla 215 and from Mandi is 58km.

Nearest Airport– Gaggal Airport

Nearest Railway Station– Joginder nagar railway station

Famous for

1)Joginder nagar has nick name that is ‘City of powehouses’.It is the only city in asia with three hrdro electric power stations.

2)Jogindernagar was India’s only supplier of rock salt, obtained from the Gumma and Drang mines.

3) Jogindernagar is the third-largest city in the district Mandi.

4) In 2015, Jogindernagar was declared the first free Wi-Fi city in Himachal Pradesh.



1) Kangra Valley Railway

It is a narrow-gauge railway runs between Pathankot and Jogindernagar that Passes through the two tunnels, this railway is on UNESCO’s tentative list to be added to its mountain railways of India World Heritage Site

2)Haulage trolley

It is India’s highest cable funicular railway that climbs from 1,200 to 2,500 metres (3,900 to 8,200 ft).

3)Winch Camp

The highest settlement in the Joginder Nagar Valley, at 2,400 metres (7,900 ft). A trolley track goes from Winch Camp to Head Gear (2,500 meters), and the funicular descends to Barot. Currently non-operational, the 3-kilometre (1.9 mi) narrow-gauge track from Winch Camp to Head Gear is India’s highest railway track.


It Contains the main Uhl River reservoirs for the Shanan and Bassi hydroelectric projects.


 Bir is home to Tibetan Buddhist monasteries. At 2,300 metres (7,500 ft), Billing is a paragliding and hang gliding take-of spot. It hosted the 2015 Paragliding World Cup.

6) Shanan Power House

 India’s first megawatt hydroelectric power project, commissioned in 1932

7) Dehnasar Lake

 in the Dhauladhar range it is the High-altitude lake.

8) Banderi Temple and Kila Karanpur

Banderi Temple is on the hill to the north-west of Jogindernagar. Kila Karanpur is the abandoned fort of Raja Karan Sen, son of Raja Joginder Sen.

9)Macchial Lake

The macchal Lake is considered sacred lake.


This is a Hill resort known for camping and trekking at 2,030 metres (6,660 ft)  which is also the gateway to the Barot Valley.

11)Herbal Garden and Museum

It is North India’s largest herbal garden and institute for research of Ayurvedic medicine and plants

12) Dhelu

 Dhelu is a Paragliding take-off spot for instruction and solo or tandem flights


It is a Hilltop resort at 2,270 metres (7,410 ft), east of Jogindernagar, is known for paragliding, camping, trekking and 360-degree views of Joginder Nagar and Barot Valleys.

14)Dzongsar Khyentse Monastery

It is one of six Buddhist monasteries and schools in nearby Chauntra village exemplifies Tibetanarchitecture and religious practice.

15) Chaina Pass

The  Mountain pass at 2,730 metres (8,960 ft)that  connects Barot Valley at Rajgundha to Joginder Nagar Valley at Billing.

16)Bhubu Pass

 This high-altitude pass of about 2,900 metres (9,500 ft) high between Kullu and Jogindernagar, it was the only link between the towns.

17)Batty Pass

It was Named after B. C. Batty, this mid-altitude 2,530-metre (8,300 ft) pass parallels haulage rail track to connect Jogindernagar Valley to Barot Valley at Headgear.


We at Hpcab believe in customer safety. While we are waiting for the medicine we all together have to take the necessary precautions in order to protect ourselves fromCovid 19. It’s the new normal in 2020.We should follow following precautions in order to decrease the spread of corona

1) Use Mask – Always Wear your mask before you get in the cab and keep it on during the ride to avoid the spread of virus.

2)Sanitisation is must- As recommended by WHO you should keep  washing your hands for  20 seconds and using hand sanitizer with  70% alcohol in it.

Preventive Measures taken by Hpcab during COVID-19 :-

Wearing of masks is necessary during the trip

After every trip our Cabs were cleaned and sanitized

Keeping of extra mask and sanitizer in the cab for safety measures         


Why hpcab?

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About HP CAB

We at Hp Cab believe in customer satisfaction. We started with a few taxis, and now we have grown into one of the most reliable and popular taxi companies in Delhi. This is due to our commitment to service as well as loyalty and kindness of our ever widening client base. You can handpicked a cab from hpcab.com at a much cheaper rate than any other cabs.

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